Century Teaching - Rigor and Relevance
Links by Kevin Honeycutt

ArtSnacks -artsnacks.org - Artsnacks is a website for expressing yourself through art. is a website for expressing yourself through art.
Classroom 2.0 -www.classroom20.com
Lulu - Book Creation and Publishing Online lulu.com
Cafepress - http://www.cafepress.com/
Google Sketchup http://sketchup.google.com/_-Also See Google Sketch up page
Skype - http://skype.com
Altec -http://www.altec.org/
Kevin Honeycutt Main site http://kevinhoneycutt.org/
Brain-based Learning - to purchase the book on Amazon "Brain-based Learning: The New Paradigm of Teaching"
The Monarch Castleton - an online book by Kevin Honeycutt
Live Web Page - a page on Kevin's website when streaming "live"
Little Kids...big potential - "Little Kids...Big Potential" a video on YouTube
Kansas Technology Rich... - Partnership for 21st Century Learning Summit Video on YouTube
Video on YuTube - "Lifehouse's Everything Skit"
ESSDACK - Educational Services and Staff Development Association of Central Kansas
Google Alerts - are updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your query or topic