Resources for Going Green

15 Ways to Go Green - Enter Your School Here

  1. School Administration - Email or post newsletters, forms and fliers.
  2. Teachers - Post information online using tools such as Wikis and Glogster
  3. Teachers - Grade online or "cloud grade". They don't have to carry stacks of paper or return hard copies to students
  4. Students Do work online and turn-in assignments using tools such as Google docs/ Edmodo. Create online portfolios for student work
  5. Collaborate - Spread the word. Have students generate ideas.
  6. Recycle - Unused computers, printers and tech items. See if others can use them first. Recycle ink cartridges
  7. Energy - Use energy saving modes, software. Turn off lights and equipment when not in use.
  8. Trashless Days - Have students bring lunches in containers that can go home. No paper or plastic

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