Rigor, Relevance and Relationships
School Improvement
  • Align with Priority Standards
  • Strive for Rigor, Relevance and Relationships
  • Focus on Literacy
  • Begin with the end in mind - Planning
  • Personalize Instruction
  • Engage Students

Leadership Summit Links
Dr. Richard Jones

Model Schools
Structure vs. Instruction
Conversation about learning more than teaching
Persistent in Improvement
No One Style of Leader

Leadership - Comes from a shared vision of all staff

Quadrant D Leadership
Connects initiatives together
Guides actions
Common Language

Quadrant D Leadership
Empower Student Teams
Listen to Students
Encourage students to take more responsibility for learning

Opportunities to Collaborate- Provide
Teams responsibilities
Structured meeting times
Comfort and convenience
Established norms
Influence the Conversation
Results: More Satisfaction with teaching as a career
Teachers observe and give feedback to each other

Sense of Purpose in Education
Future Focused, Changing World, Student focused, Data analysis, Coherence - measure what matters, be passionate
Creating something new- New atmosphere on trying something new, collaborating on growing

Listening to Student Opinions - Blog Postby Kim Cofino
Presentation -- Dr. Richard Jones