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  1. Smart Exchange - Browse Lessons. View in slide mode.
  2. Choose a Smartboard Activity to view and download.
  3. Marilyn Western's 'Stuff to Try'
  4. Electoral Map for Download
  5. Electoral Activities Rand McNally
  6. Election 2012 - Electoral College Map
  7. Thanksgiving Activities - Smart Exchange
  8. Scholastic Activities
  9. Pinterest for Educators Smartboard Link 1, Link 2, LInk 3
  10. US Map - Thanks Sue Pennacchia from SMM


Scholastic Activities
Dress up Pumpkin
Roy's Word Game
Fraction Sorter Shodor
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Halloween Resources via Smartboard Diva

Self Pace Tutorials and Videos are on the training website as noted below:
Find Basics under Getting Started, Self Paced Tutorials:

Self-paced tutorials
  • Touch, Write and Save using SMART Ink – tutorial
  • Orienting your SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard – tutorial
  • Accessing the SMART Board interactive whiteboard – video
YouTube video
  • SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Basic Maintenance – video
    This video explains how to clean and maintain your SMART Board interactive whiteboard.
  • SMART Board interactive whiteboard accessibility – video
    This YouTube video showcases a couple of different ways that you and your students can interact with your SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

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