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Session 1 - with Sheryl Nussbaum Beach January 30th, 2012
Presentation Slides

ISTE NETS (National Educational Technology Standards)

Notre Dame Study Points

P21 Partnership for 21st Century Schools Resources

Project Based Learning Links

Sample Projects via Powerful Learning Practice

Agenda Jan 30th
Intro-Nancy Caramanico
Session Sheryl Nussbaum Beach

2:00 Overview of 21st C Learning, 21st Century Learning in Catholic Schools
2:10 Compelling Case for Change
2:20 Collaboration verses Cooperation
2:30 Activity involving participants
2:40 Overview of inquiry based approaches
2:50 Examples

Agenda February 17th 1:00 to 2:30 pm (Central Time)
Nancy Caramanico and Educator Group
Catholic School Examples of 21 C Learning
1:00 21st Century Educators
1:10 Exploring Examples – Connected Educators, Connecting Students, Archbishop Ryan Students and Jim Meredith
1:20 Exploring Examples – Digital Classroom - Sr. Geralyn via Video
1:30 Activity involving participants - How Do You Learn?
1:40 Exploring Examples – Leaders for Professional Learning - Gene Carboni
1:50 Exploring Examples – Connected Learning and Learning One to One - C. Glatts
2:05 New Forms of Assessment - Assessment for Learning
2:15 Activity and Discussion
2:20 Tpack Model - Examples Using Tools
2:30 Discussion/Next Steps


Government Class Using Twitter

Twitter Learn How Links
Catholic School Examples of 21 C Learning
Government Class Using Twitter

Twitter Learn How Links

Project Based Learning - Gulf Oil Spill
See PBL - St. Alphonsus

Student Reflections on the Use of Today's Tools and Enhancing Learning

Alice, Ebooks and One to One Launch
Pope John Paul High School
Alice Programming and Exploring Ebooks and First Year of One to One

Curriculum Integration and Cross Subject Project
Create a School NewsCast
See Curriculum - St. Anastasia

Math Classes and Google Docs
Cardinal O'hara High School
Teacher Reflection on the One to One Shift

Language Learning
Archbishop Wood uses online tools and netbooks to enhance language learning

Connect with Presenters from the Feb 17th Session:
Jim Meredith, Archbishop Ryan HIgh School, Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs, Teacher AP Governent
  • Twitter: jdmeredith42
  • Students Create Video on 21 C Learning - TechConnects

Catherine Glatts, Mercy Vocational School, Vice Principal, Business/Technology Chair and former teacher
Gene Carboni, Father Judge High School, Business Technology Teacher, Professional Development
Sister Geralyn, Diocese of Harrisburg, Director of Technology, K-12
Ed Allen - Vocal Instructor, Play Director, Assistant Principal for Student Affairs

Tools for a 21st Century Classroom
Tools and Links for Classroom Use - 21 Tools

Google Tools
Museum Box- Create - Sharing, Creating oline space photos, videos, text
Voicethread - Wiki Lesson Plan