Catholic Life Congress 2010

Papal Statement on Today's New Media and Technology

__Tech Crunch Article on Vatican Statement and Direction__

Horizon Report - Technology Trends set to impact learning
One Year or Less
  • Cloud Computing
  • Collaborative Environments
2-3 Years
  • Game Based Learning
  • Mobile Learning
4-5 Years
  • Augmented Reality
  • Flexible Displays
MacArthur Study - Youth and Internet Use

Cloud Computing
Google Docs

Collaborative Environments
Examples 3rd Grade Classroom
Thanksgiving Wiki Join in
Twitter Seach Video
Skype Wiki for Catholic Schools

Game Based Learning


Augmented Reality
Explained by Common Craft
Join our Teachers Virtual Online Community

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship
Ethical and Responsible Use
Don't Let Children Drive Alone Video Video
Internet Savvy Wiki for Internet Safety
Connect Safely - Holds Parents Guide for Facebook

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