Exploring the 1:1 Classroom


15 Minutes Per Day Learning Bits
PD21c Online Learning Daily Links

MacArthur Report
The Horizon Report 2010
Pew Report - Millennials

Morning Presentation
Diana Laufenberg, Science Leadership Academy
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Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Digital Storytelling
AP U.S. History Wiki

Web 2.0 Classroom Resources
Rob Moran
Ning for Modern American History and Political Science classes: http://piuspolitics.ning.com
http://piuspolitics.blogspot.com Great for promoting collaboration and forposting videos and other multimedia content

Freshman theologyclass: http://spxfaith.blogspot.com
See Saint Glogs there also

Web 2.0 How To's
Google Docs

Connected Classroom - Skype and More
Joe Konecki , Cardinal O'Hara High School

View Skype Resources
View Video Resources
Presentation in PDF format
Presentation video files:
- Inspiring change in education created by Apple Distinguished Educators, Summer 2009
- Skype in the classroom
- Visual research "paper"
- Video of Challenge Based Learning