Skype Getting Started Resources

What is Skype? Video

Quick Start Guide - Guide from Sue Waters

Download Skype - Download Here
To video conference with multiple users, try ooVoo

How to Use Skype - Video

Get a Skype button
Driver for Logitech webcams - Some schools have gotten this model
Additional tools can be found under the Video Hosting page of the Toolkit

Skype in the Classroom

50 Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom - Article
Video Conferencing with Skype
Skype Other Classrooms - Sue Waters
Skype in Schools Directory - Excellent Resources and Ideas. Connect to schools around the world
Around the World with 80 Schools Project - Langwiches Blog contains links to skype how tos and classroom use
Skype Connections
Skype with an Author - Project Link
Skype in education, Elementary Tech Teachers Ning
Skype Techtorial
Using Skype in the classroom- Great article on using Skype.
Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Using Skype in the Classroom , incredibly comprehensive blog posting by Vicki Davis

Reading Online - Articles - Teachers' Voices - Reading Online
Growing Up in Afganistan - An Interactive Journey - Growing Up in Afganistan
Tech Practice-Ocean Lakes ES - Tech Practice
Virginia Testing Standards - Virginia Testing Standards
K12 Online Conference 2009 - K12 Conference 2009
No Child Left Behind Act - NCLB Act
K12 Sabine School Websites - Instructional Technology Websites
Concepts PBS - Concepts/Front Page
Zachary's Audio Blog - Zachary's Blog
Mrs. Cathy Cassidy's - Kathy Cassidy's Classroom Blog
Cathy Cassidy's Classroom - Primary Preoccupation
Elementary Web 2.0 - Using Web 2.0 in Elemtary Classrooms
Bob Sprankle - Sprankle Technology Integrator
Backroom Educational Technology Blogger - Video Recorder in the Classroom
Think Quest Projests - Think Quest
Bob Sprankle - Room 208
Education World Technolgoy Center - Technology Integration Made Easy

Around the World with 80 Schools Video

Around the World with 80 Schools Impressions from langwitches on Vimeo.