9:00 Smart Notebook

10:30 Discovery Ed
Twitter, Web2.0, Wikis

12:30 Troubleshooting Tech

SItes We Like


  1. View Smart Notebook Tutorials. Go to Smart Ed. Browse the lessons there. Select one for your classroom. Easy open Notebook files http://express.smarttech.com/#
  2. Go to Discovery Education. Browse the Teacher Library. Choose 1 resource you will use as a teacher. Choose one resource for your students. View video tutorials Discovery Video Tutorials
  3. Create a Twitter account. http://twitter.com/ Follow Nancy at http://twitter.com/#!/ncara Follow other special ed teachers . Follow the other OLC teachers. Twitter names in the virtual community ning.
  4. Create a Delicious account.Bookmark 3 websites and add keywords. Create a twitter account. Follow a teacher list and post one favorite web resource to twitter.
  5. Join this wiki http://aopelemplp.ning.com/
  6. View wikis used by teachers. http://engagewithtech.wikispaces.com/ @Barbinnebraska http://room113-smm.wikispaces.com/ Digital Citizenship wiki http://digicitizenship.wikispaces.com/
  7. View this wiki for internet safety resources http://internetsavvy.wikispaces.com/