Wikis -Collaborative Learning Tools for the Classroom

**Flat Classroom Project** - 2007 by Elluminate
Free Worldwide Travel Guide - create a Free travel guide
Jing - add visual to your online conversations
**WikiEducator** - free elearning content
**Wikispaces for Educators** - create your free K-12 Wiki
**PBworks** - PBworks online collaboration
**Welker's Wikinomics Page** - a collaborative website for teaching and learning economics
**Motivate with Mushers** - Iditarod in the classroom
Wissahickon eToolbox - Wissahickon School District
Educational Wikis - articles and resources
**Educational Wikis** - examples of Wikis
**Weblogged**- what is a Wiki?
**Wikis in Plain English** - YouTube video

Wikis Elementary -Kay Burgess

Wiki How To

Using Wikis in the Classroom

Kristin Hokanson shows teachers ways to create
a "Connected" Classroom What is a wiki?

Virtual Academy Session Archive in Elluminate With Will Richardson